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7 Ways to maintain a swegway’s well-being

January 6, 2020

7 Ways to maintain a swegway’s well-being

Swegway boards are the most stylish, convenient, and fun vehicles for short-term travels. When your mother complains about the empty fridge or fruit basket, take out your swegway and go grocery shopping in style. Complete your chores while riding a sleek board, and quickly sit back in front of your video game; it’s that easy. If you’ve got hands-on a trustworthy swegway UK, you must maintain its well-being to ensure that it accompanies you for long. I am sure you won’t want your favourite gadget to break-out due to careless handling and bad scheduling. That’s the reason I am here with this quick guide to help you preserve your swegway and ride it for the years to come. Follow these easy steps and get great value for the money you’ve invested in this chic gadget:
  • Take care of the charging schedule 

Unplugging your swegway UK from charging before it’s full is the worst you can do its good. If the user’s manual says that charging time is 4 hours, let the swegway charge for 4 hours; no ifs and buts. If you can’t wait for the set time and carelessly ride when the charging light is red or yellow, you’ll regret later. This practice exerts pressure on the battery cells, and they get weaker with time. Eventually, your swegway can die way before its maximum limit. To enjoy your swegway like a pro, feed it well and on time! 
  • Keep the segway clean

Swegway boards operate with motion sensors and magnetic fields, which can get distracted by the impurities. For example, if you’ve just ridden your board in a dusty region, there must be mud/debris stuck in its wheels and over the swegway. This mud can weaken the sensors’ power, which can, at some point, affect your control. This stuck mud/debris won’t let you turn smoothly, eventually exposing you to falls and collisions. Therefore, it is advisable to clean your swegway’s body and wheels before you store it. 
  • Calibrate your board regularly 

Regularly checking the wheels’ position and movement is a smart step. If you ignore that slight shakes in the wheels while you turn, there’s a high probability you’ll fall of your swegway anytime. If your board’s wheels slightly shake/jerk, they need calibration. If you’re good with opening/closing gadgets, you can do it at home. Otherwise, take your swegway to a pro person and re-position the wheels. 
  • Don’t over-do anything 

Over-charging and over-riding are two main culprits behind swegway boards’ short life spans. If you follow the charging schedule and turn off the board before its battery reaches the verge of dying down, you can avoid sudden break-downs. Don’t let your swegway’s battery reach zero, and don’t leave it on charging for hours. Your safety is associated with the battery and motors; if you take care of them, there won’t be any distasteful events. 
  • Don’t leave it unattended 

Mud stuck in the pedals, wheels poorly calibrated, and battery dead; these factors surely drain a swegway’s energy and cause its black-out. If you have a kid at home, don’t let him play with the swegway as there’s a high probability of electric shocks when one carelessly touches the battery/motor. Keep your swegway clean, safe, and ready for your next commute. 
  • Let the board rest a bit 

If you put extra pressure on the segway and don’t let its motors rest for a while, you’ll soon be taking it to a mechanic for repair/replacement. We know that once you get the knack of riding these frisky boards, it’s hard to get off them. However, to enjoy this pleasure for long, set a limit. If your swegway battery’s work capacity is 6 hours, try to turn it off after 5 hours and re-charge it.
Similarly, don’t turn on the board right after you unplug it. The motors and battery are hot after charging sessions and need some time to cool down. Therefore, give your favourite swegway occasional breaks to make it your long-term partner. 
  • Check the wires

Mechanical equipment wears out with time and mustn’t be overlooked. The thin cables inside a swegway can break/burn after regular usage and need to be taken care of. Opening and checking the internal parts of most swegways is easy and doesn’t require any special tools. If you spot any damage to the wiring, take it to an expert or contact our customer support. Swegway Hut is always here to solve your swegway UK problems and ensure that your experience with us is memorable. 
Whether you get a swegway for your kids or yourself, all of them need equal care. If you follow these basics, we assure that your swegway UK will accompany you for years and prove to be your best buddy. So, get an excellent swegway from Swegway Hut, take care of it, and enjoy a fun short-term commutes like you used to fantasize!

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