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Best Swegway For Kids

August 23, 2019

Best Swegway For Kids

Having to pick the most suitable swegway for your child might be a confusing thing to do. The confusion becomes manifold given the vast number of choices one has to pick from. With such massive variety available at your disposal, picking the most suitable swegway for your kids could be a real challenge. We are here to make things easier for you. In this blog, some of the best and most child-friendly swegway have been talked about. By reading these reviews, you can definitely pick the best one for your child. Rest assured that all the items described here are perfectly safe and fulfil all the safety regulations. 

Swagtron T580

If you are looking for an adventurous urban play, this swegway is definitely the best. With a weight of only 20lbs, Swagtron T580 swegway comes with a durable casing, zero-emission engines, and a new splash roof design. This design not only makes it ultra-durable but it also greatly reduces its weight. The swegway is capable of supporting the weight up to 220 pounds and can manage slopes of up to 30 degrees. With a complete battery, Swagtron T580 can function for up to 8 miles. Reaching full charge only takes 90 to 100 minutes. This swegway is capable of reaching a maximum speed of 7.5 miles per hour. It has many amazing features including Bluetooth speakers. 

Lamborghini Swegway

This is a fairly large-sized swegway with a 33% bigger size than the most typical swegway. A Lamborghini swegway is also  2 times more powerful than an ordinary self-balancing scooter. It should then surprise no one why it is such a high priced item.  Despite being priced extravagantly, its quality justifies such a high price. This offers safe, swift and secure commute experience. Lamborghini swegway runs at a maximum speed of 9.32 Mph. It’s battery requires 2.5 hours to be fully charged. So buy Swegway from swegway hut and feel better experience.

Kids Hoverboard 1

Hoverzon S

If you need something that combines both practicality and style, Hoverzon S is that thing! It’s all the amazing features you expect to see in a quality swegway. From amazing LED lights to the best quality solid tires, Hoverzon S has got it all! The swegway comes with two 250W motors and can run up to 8 miles an hour. This is an ideal speed for the kids. Before it needs another charging, it can travel up to 11 miles. If your kid takes care of the battery, they will never get stranded or carry the battery home. This slick red swegway turns red when the kid is riding. Moreover, it gives you peace of mind knowing that they are using a board which is built with precision, control, and safety. 

VEEKO Swegway

This is probably the most impressive of all self-balancing scooters we have seen so far. With 350W motors, the swegway can run up to a speed of 6 mph, which is absolutely suitable for a kid. The battery typically lasts for 2 and a half hours. The kids can use this board for traveling to par, school or short-distance commute. The board has weight of 22lbs and can support a maximum weight of maximum 220lbs! Overall, this happens to be an auto shut off built-in. 

Kids Hoverboard 2

Tomoloo Swegway

This is the ideal board for children and elderly persons. With a stylish and futuristic design, the Tomoloo swegway features excellent safety attributes. It has a strong shell which is resistant to high temperature and fire. Unlike other boards, the Tomoloo board can comfortably accommodate the bigger kids easily. The board can support the weight up to 256lbs which makes an excellent choice for kids and teens. Despite being a little faster than other swegway, it is still safe and completely harmless. Once charged fully, the board can take you to a whopping 12 miles! 

Swagtron T6 Off-Road Swegway

In addition to its cool name, the swegway is one of the best tools available today. Swagtron T6 can travel at a pace of up to 12 mph and it can go for around 12 miles on a full battery charge. The swegway has 10inches thick tires and can support weight of up to 420lbs. This makes it the ideal choice for teens and big kids. In addition to such quality features, Swagtron T6 is also among the most durable swegway. It features a classy body made of high-grade aluminum guards. 

Kids Hoverboard 3

OXA Swegway

This swegway is meant to suit the needs of children of all ages, especially younger and smaller kids. It is so simple and easy to operate that even a 5 year old can learn it within 30 seconds-that’s what their website claims. The swegway features two riding modes. One is the normal mode and the other is meant for beginners. OXA board can support the weight up to 330lbs. This swegway features advanced gyroscope and fast acceleration sensor. There is a 350W powerful motor. This motor helps ensure a strong, reliable and stable power output. The swegway can face a slope of up to 45 degrees and can comfortably pass over bumps. OXA board comes with built-in headlights so that the kids will be able to see if they ride it in the dark. Children of 6 years of age or more can comfortably use the board. Discussed above are some of the most famous and sought-after swegway's for children and teenagers. They have different features and priced differently. Considering your personal requirements and preferences, you can get for your kid a reliable swegway.


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