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Features of a good hoverboard

January 2, 2020

Features of a good hoverboard

Hoverboards’ stylish designs and usefulness has made them immensely popular across the globe. People from all age groups are fond of these trendy gadgets and are eager to try them. But sadly, this popularity led to mass production of faulty hoverboards in the past years, which raised concerns regarding their safety. When you plan to buy a hoverboard for the first time, there’s a high probability that you won’t know the features of a good board. Eventually, you might end up with a cheaply designed and impractical hoverboard, which is nothing but a waste of money.  But, worry no more. This helpful article is going to cover the essential features of an excellent Hoverboard UK that’ll help you decide wisely. We are sure that by the end, even newbie buyers will be aware of the dos and don’ts of hoverboards. So, let’s delve right in: 
  • Board size
Although thinner hoverboards look dorkier, they aren’t much comfortable. If you seek comfort and ease-of-balancing, opt for a 21-30” long and 10-15” wide hoverboard. These boards ensure the rider’s safety and assist him in the learning stage. Especially if the rider is kid/teen, make sure the board is wide enough for easy balancing. If you’re confident about your balancing skills, then thinner ones can also do-the-job. 
  • Wheel size
Unless your hoverboard has large and substantially balanced wheels, you cannot enjoy the fun of hovering around. The wheels whose diameter is less than 6 inches are straight up useless. They cannot bear the rider’s weight and break off after a few twists and turns. If you want value for your money, make sure your board’s wheels are 6-10 inches in diameter. There are bigger sized wheels as well, but they are relatively expensive. The bigger, the better, while checking your board’s wheels keep this simple rule in mind. 
  • Weight limit 
Most hoverboards have a weight limit of up to 100kgs, which is fair enough for most riders. But, if a board’s weight-bearing capacity is less than 100kgs or you weigh more than 100kgs, watch out. Carelessly buying a hoverboard without looking at its weight limit might cost you a lot later. 
  • Board weight 
This is one crucially important yet ignored feature of hoverboards. People look at the weight-bearing capacity but ignore how much the board weighs itself. Since you cannot ride hoverboards everywhere, you’ll have to haul your favourite gadget around very often. And if it weighs more than 12kgs, you’ll surely dread going out with it. So, always opt for a lightweight and portable hoverboard that can assist you in busy places, uneven surfaces, and the areas where you can’t ride it. A board below 12kgs weight is excellent for everyone. 
  • Battery life 
You cannot refuel your hoverboard when you’re out; it needs recharging quite often. A hoverboard with the better battery life will be your best buddy, unlike some lousy ones that give up midway. Hoverboards’ battery life varies from 2-6 hours depending upon the brand you buy from. All hoverboards at Swegway Hut offer incredible battery time and don’t disturb your leisure time out. You can rely on any of our hoverboards and head out to spend the evening peacefully. Anything below 2 hours range isn’t worth your bucks, period! 
  • Speed per hour
The real fun of riding a hoverboard is its speed and ability to turn around; when you twist like a pro and scoot around at full speed, that’s the actual enjoyment. However, like all other features, speed also differs from brand to brand. A board with a maximum speed of 12 km/h is great for every rider, as it will let you control your moves smoothly. The more, the merrier, follow this phrase while checking for speed. If you enjoy fast rides, opt for higher levels. But if you’re at the learning stage, stay at lower levels, and improve gradually. 
  • Manufacturer’s guarantee 
The first step of checking if a brand is trustworthy or not is to check the warranty and repair services that it offers on the gadget. Testing for this quality assurance is even more critical when your health can be at risk. While buying a hoverboard, make sure the manufacturer has all quality-testing certificates and a reasonable guarantee to value your money. Don’t buy a hoverboard without validating the certifications and assurance from the manufacturer/seller, simple. 
  • Accessories 
Although extra parts aren’t mandatory, they’ll surely make hoverboarding an unforgettable experience for you. Bluetooth connectivity, built-in speakers, LED lights, and motion sensors are few innovative features that set an excellent hoverboard apart from the rest. Whether you gift an innovative hoverboard to someone or ride one yourself, these features will work as the cherry on top. Swegway Hut is the ideal place to find your dream gadget that stands out from the crowd and becomes your style statement. Select any piece from our hoverboard UK collection and enjoy the above-described features like a pro! 

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