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How To Ride Hoverboard

August 23, 2019

How To Ride Hoverboard

The hoverboards have been in trend since 2015. However, the craze for these self-balancing scooter rides has somewhat died out since then. Despite this decrease, the hoverboards continue to sell like hotcakes on the internet. Though it is true that hoverboards come with the smarts that enable you to keep upright yet, there’s a lot more to hoverboards than simply stepping on it and start riding. If you have recently acquired a hoverboard, you may not understand how to ride it properly. Well, don’t worry at all. We are here for you. Presented below is a step-by-step guide to facilitate users with their hoverboard ride.

First Step: Standing Properly

First off, make sure that the hoverboard is fully charged and powered on. You have to check it out before you even attempt to stand on it. You should NEVER stand on a hoverboard that is powered off as you’ll instantly fall. So, turn on your hoverboard and choose the beginner ride mode if your hoverboard has this option. Once the hoverboard is on, place one foot on the hoverboard and use your foot to keep the hoverboard in a level riding position. This helps you attain balance. Once you are balanced, keep you second foot on the hoverboard. You’re good to go. Don’t overthink as it has a similar motion as that of walking up stairs. You should try to maintain a wider distance between the both feet as it enables knees to become stable.

Second Step: Back And Forth Motion 

As soon as you wobbling ends and you can stand still on the hoverboard, you should proceed to make slight movement back and forth. Moving the hoverboard is easy. There’s no doubt. However, there’s a learning curve especially with speeding and breaking. Making a hoverboard move is fairly simple. When you want to move forward, lean forward and lean back to slow its pace and reverse it. Bending your knees will give you better control over the speed. Oh, and be very sure to slow down in time.

Hoverboard Ride 1

How To Turn Left And Right?

Turning the hoverboard left or right is almost similar to moving it back and forth. The two things that matter are pressure and balance. You should know that each side of your hoverboard is nearly independent of the other. It may also allow you to twist each side. For turning left, place your right foot forward and forwarding left foot will let you turn right. As a starter, don’t make speedy movements. It’s better to move gently in the beginning before going to quick spins. Once you get used to it, you’ll love doing it! 

Fourth Step: Getting Off Hoverboard Safely

Now that you are riding a hoverboard, you’ll obviously have to get off it. For beginner’s, this is a fairly risky phase. You should know that there’s a knack to riding off a hoverboard without falling. That trick lies in stepping off in a backward position rather than forwards.

Hoverboard Ride

Stepping off forwards is a very risky move. It will increase pressure on the front part of your foot. This can potentially cause the hoverboard to shoot forwards causing you to have a severe fall. Such a slip may cause injuries. So, do NOT step off the hoverboard in forwards direction.

What to do if not lean forwards to get off the hoverboard?

If you shouldn’t lean forwards, then may be going backwards will be good. Well, you are right to some degree. Nonetheless, trying to step off in a backward position is also not without free of risk. The same risk comes with leaning backward as the one with the forward leaning. However, you should know that your chances of falling with backward leaning are far fewer than with the forwards leaning. 

That’s all, folks!

You should know that riding a hoverboard is a skilful art. To learn this effectively, you will need to exercise and make efforts. With constant practice and unending resolve, you will soon be able to enjoy this amazing self-balancing scooter for your short commute needs. If you keep practicing the steps described above, you can for sure master the art of riding a hoverboard. Remember again that all it requires is patience and practice. Once you do that, you are good.


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