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Seven safety tips for riding a hoverboard

December 31, 2019

Seven safety tips for riding a hoverboard

New Year gifts hold a precious spot in everyone’s life; we can’t wait to unwrap and flex these gifts each year. And since hoverboards are the latest “in” thing, you must consider gifting a trendy hoverboard to your favourite teenager in the family. A safe hoverboard with incredible features and easy-to-ride design will make an unforgettable gift for the OP, regardless of his/her age. However, you must consider a few essential points while buying and riding a hoverboard. There have been numerous reported incidents where people met accidents due to an overcharged hoverboard battery or shaky wheels. But, fret not! Follow these points to ensure the rider’s safety and remove many potential boarding harms that may occur otherwise. 
  • Select a trustworthy brand
When you scroll the online marketplaces or explore the gift places near you, a wide variety of hoverboards will overwhelm you. There are hundreds (if not thousands) of hoverboard brands with varying price ranges and specifications. The brand you trust must have proven customer satisfaction, high-quality testing standards, and most importantly, must be ready to help you 24/7. Swegway Hut is the ideal hoverboard UK name with a wide range of happy customers and quality hoverboards. If this is your first hoverboard shopping, trust Swegway Hut and forget all concerns that newbies usually have. We assure high-quality, 100% tested, and easy-to-maintain boards for all age groups. We suggest you do thorough research before trusting us so that there isn’t any doubt left behind. Once you’re satisfied with our track record, press the “add to cart” button, and relax! 
  • Look out for the charging schedule
Over-charging a hoverboard not only reduces its life but also exposes the rider to various accidents. You must follow the set charging time and never leave the battery unattended as this can cause a fire, minor explosions, and complete break-down of your hoverboard. Therefore, keep the manufacturer’s instructions in mind while riding/charging your precious board. Generally, 2-4 hours are sufficient for a hoverboard battery, but you must look up at the manual for further confirmation. 
  • Take care of your board
A hoverboard won’t bear continuous use/abuse and might give up midway if the road underneath is uneven. Since they operate on charging and you cannot exert force on them, hoverboards must be taken care of. If you want to enjoy boarding for a long time and don’t want your favourite gadget to burnout, step off of it when the terrain is bumpy. Your hoverboard might cross a rough patch of land with relatively slow speed, but it’ll affect its working capacity. We at Swegway Hut always suggest the riders to maintain their boards’ well-being and adopt a habit of regular upkeep. 
  • Safety gear is mandatory
Self-balancing scooters don’t have any safety belt/handle to lean onto. Therefore, the rider must take care of his/her safety and never go on a ride without protective gear. A helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, and shoes with soft soles are essential items that one must take along. These safety items are especially important when the rider is in the learning phase. If you’re gifting someone a hoverboard, make sure they ride it after assuring their safety or else inevitable damage can happen. 
  • Learn before riding
Although this point is fundamental, many people ignore it and consider themselves pros by default. However, you must be clear that balancing a hoverboard takes time; the duration may vary from person to person. Before letting a kid/teen head out with a hoverboard, make sure they are good at balancing and controlling the speed. Maintaining a steady posture, avoiding bumps, stepping on/off, and gradually gaining the momentum are some basics that you must teach the rider beforehand. Once they learn to balance, there’ll be nothing more enjoyable than hovering around. Practising indoors or within a safe outdoor place is the best option for new riders. 
  • Check for the permits before riding 
Although hoverboards seem like harmless toys, they can cause severe threats if you’re careless. For example, if someone is riding a board on a busy road, there are high chances he’ll get injured, and even worse, injure others. To avoid such distasteful events, look into your area’s traffic rules and confirm if you are allowed to ride a self-balancing vehicle there or not. To help you at this stage, Swegway Hut sells inexpensive and high-quality hoverboards with a thorough insight into the public laws and traffic regulations. 
  • Avoid night-time rides
As fancy as it may sound, going out on a hoverboard in the dark is never void of dangers. A vehicle might bump into you, or you may trip because of an invisible dip, we never know. If you’re eager to enjoy boarding at night, make sure you can see the road clearly and are at a steady pace. Going too fast or too slow isn’t smart, be smart and maintain a good speed. Which is the best hoverboard near me is a question that most buyers have in mind while shortlisting their options. In such a situation, what’s better than a place that offers amazing hoverboards at your doorstep overnight? So, stop panicking about the long-due gifts for your family, start with Swegway Hut’s official hoverboard and keep ticking people off your to-gift list!

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