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All Boards CE Certified
The Chameleon Swegway

Chameleon Purple Swegway with Kart

Product Code : BSWKP1

The Chameleon Swegway Hoverboard is a 6.5-inch wheeled balance board to be attached to the Swegway Kart.
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The Chameleon Purple Swegway Hoverboard and Swegway Kart

Want to advance your Swegway experience? Why not add a Swegway Kart to your Chameleon Swegway Hoverboard, which means enhancing the fun!
The Swegway Kart to give you that additional and ultimate experience with your Swegway product! This Awesome contraption converts your Swegway into a Go-Kart and it’s never been easier to use. The Swegway Kart comes a strong and durable plastic bucket seat, a reinforced chassis which holds the weight of the seat and person sat firmly within it. The metal chassis also has a brilliant shock absorbing suspension, so you can go fast, perform tricks and enjoy the Swegway and Swegway Kart to its full capacity. The Swegway Kart is generally easier to ride then just the Swegway alone, with its easy to use sensitive handles/leavers that will allow you full control of your Swegway device.
The Swegway Kart is the perfect way to maximise your experience with Swegway’s and provide that smooth ride you have been looking for with your products. Simply adjust the frame to your liking and off you go. This also makes the perfect gift for anyway with a Swegway Device.
Furthermore, all our products meet the applicable safety standards (UK) and are all certified and tested before they are shipped out.
Please Note:
Not all Swegway kart products will have a black Frame. We will compliment the Kart colour with your Swegway Hoverboard product.
(Colours: Black, Blue, Red, White)

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Rating & Reviews for this product

  • Grace Kelly
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A great colour and style to this product and the kart also adds to it, I think the was a very good purchase and Swegway Hut have out done themselves here – Veryy well done guys!

  • Pip
    • star-on star-on star-on star-on star-half

Flippin brilliant! – I am soo happy with this set of products

  • Tallie
    • star-on star-on star-on star-on star-half

Great stuff from Swegway Hut, the kart and board bundle is one of the best things I have purchased all year, the whole set and everything I got from the experience, right from the shopping interface all the way to the delivery. Nothing went wrong. It was the perfect sale so I want to thank you

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