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The Disco Swegway

Disco Blue Swegway

Product Code : M1X Blue

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Product Details

The Disco Blue Swegway Hoverboard

The hoverboards have proven themselves to be an incredibly supportive mode of transportation. For those who have to travel to short commute on a frequent basis, these boards are no less than a blessing. If you are looking for affordable yet stylish hoverboards to ride, there are numerous companies you can go to.
Out of all these board-selling companies, Swegway is distinguished for providing customers with the most distinguished quality hoverboards. For example, their new disco blue hoverboard is a sophisticated and advanced self-balancing scooter. This hoverboard is a durable yet high-tech classic scooter. It has wheels of 6.5-inches. The Swegway disco blue board has many brilliant features. There are, for example, color-changing LED lights on the board which also serve as headlights when you ride it in the dark. Your path is sure to lighten up with these color-changing lights that come attached to the board. If you enjoy riding in style, then Swegway disco blue hoverboard is your thing!
One of the many distinguishing features of disco blue hoverboard is its incredibly light weight. In addition to being light in weight, the Swegway board also gives you a relatively smooth and unobstructed riding experience.
The Swegway disco blue board is known as high-tech electric balance board. This hoverboard has a pre-installed Bluetooth system. This system may be used as a speaker as the rider whizzes around comfortably. The size of its wheels is 6.5 inches.
The fact that riders get to enjoy a stylish and classy ride with this Swegway board is not the only benefit you get with this. The company goes a step ahead and expresses full confidence in every specification of this Swegway disco blue hoverboard. The company also takes complete full responsibility for the efficiency of machine.  When it comes to compliance with UK/EU safety rules and regulations, these Swegway hoverboard stand in 100% accordance with all UK/EU specifications.
The device is absolutely safe to ride as it doesn’t pace faster than 12KM/H with a 12KG weight limit. Swegway disco blue hoverboard has an amazing battery power and timing. Once you charge it full for 2 to 3 hours, it is capable of being used for straight up to 6 hours. This hoverboard has two silent driver motors with 350W power each. The board has been made using the eco-friendliest technology and comes with an advanced short circuit protection.
As Swegway prioritizes customer safety, this hoverboard has a fireproof casing of battery coupled with quad shield technology. It has authentic Li-Ion battery cells (4400mAh) that will provide the board with twice the power as compared to other Swegway hoverboards.
When you buy this board, its package will contain
·      A CE certified UK charger
·      A CE certified battery
·      Carry Bag
·      User Manual
The size of his hoverboard would be 21.6’’ x 7.3’’ x 7.’’
If you have been looking for something comfortable yet stylish, then you will find nothing better than Swegway Disco Blue Galaxy Hoverboard!

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Rating & Reviews for this product

  • Sophie Harrison
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I broke my wrist while riding on it but my wife and my kids, are enjoying riding swegway. If you are not experienced to ride swegway, don't use it before learning how to use it. Thank You Swegway Hut for best quality products.

  • Zoe Boyle
    • star-on star-on star-on star-on star-on

Awesome hoverboard. It works perfectly and my kid loves its blue hoverboard. It's sturdy and easy to learn. It is a solid heavy piece of machinery. I waited to leave a review to give it some time on being thoroughly played on. It is pretty cool!

  • Lily Sullivan
    • star-on star-on star-on star-on star-on

I was planning to give a gift to my friend. So I purchased blue swegway from Swegway Hut. It was just awesome. The service they provided was impressive.

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