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The Disco Swegway

Disco Green Flash Swegway

Product Code : M1X Green Flash

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Product Details

The Disco Green Flash Swegway Hoverboard

The hoverboards have come out as light yet effective means of commutation. Using a quality board might be a real blessing if you have to travel frequently to short distances. There are countless hoverboard-selling companies that you can go to, in order to get yourself some stylish yet affordable board. 
Swegway remains distinguished for the best quality and reliability of their hoverboards. Their new disc green flash hoverboard is a masterpiece in its own right. It’s an advanced quality self-balancing scooter.  The hoverboard is made with the use of state-of-the-art technology. The disco green flash hoverboard features two excellent 6.5-inches wheels. 
Users get to enjoy countless amazing attributes with Swegway Dico Green Flash Hoverboard. It has LED lights with color-changing feature. The benefit of these lights on board is that you can also use them as headlights as you ride the hoverboard in the darkness of the night. As you attach these color-changing  lights to your hoverboard, you will see that your path is lighten up. Do you want something that promises a stylish yet classy riding experience? If so, then Swegway disco green flash hoverboard is what you should come! 
Swegway’s disco green flash board is a very lightweight hoverboard which makes it one of the most popular choices by users all over the globe. Additionally, the board also promises you a smoother riding experience without any obstructions. 
Disco Green Flash Swegway board is famous for being a high-tech electric balance board. The list of features of this board doesn’t end here. To enhance the fun, the board is equipped with a pre-installed Bluetooth system. As you whiz around, the bluetooth system might serve you as a speaker. As mentioned above, it has two 6.5-inches wheels. 
Stylish looks and comfortable riding experience are not the only benefits that you will get with this disco green flash swegway hoverboard. The company goes a step ahead and assures you that this hoverboard lives up to its every specification and expectation. Swegway accepts full responsibility of the board’s efficiency. The disco green flash swegway hoverboard is fully in compliance with UK/EU safety rules and regulations. Moreover, this hoverboard is also compliant with al UK/EU specifications. 
Disco green flash swegway hoverboard is safe to use as it has a maximum speed of up to 12 KM/H. Its weight is 12 KG. Things are made even more excited by its battery power and timing. Once you fully charge the hoverboard for 2-3 hours, you can ride the device for up to 6 hours. 
This hoverboard has two silent driver motors with 350W power each. The board has been made using the eco-friendliest technology and comes with an advanced short circuit protection.
As Swegway prioritizes customer safety, this hoverboard has a fireproof casing of battery coupled with quad shield technology. It has authentic Li-Ion battery cells (4400mAh) that will provide the board with twice the power as compared to other Swegway hoverboards.
When you buy this board, its package will contain
·      A CE certified UK charger
·      A CE certified battery
·      Carry Bag
·      User Manual
The size of his hoverboard would be 21.6’’ x 7.3’’ x 7.’’
If you have been looking for something comfortable yet stylish, then you will find nothing better than Swegway Disco Blue Galaxy Hoverboard!

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Tel: 02476981400

Rating & Reviews for this product

  • Amelia Morris
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Most of the sites deliver products in specific cities and areas only. But when I ordered a disco green flash swegway from this site, they delivered it at my home and took only three days to deliver. I was very impressed.

  • Eleanor Clayton
    • star-on star-on star-on star-on star-off

I used to think that hoverboard is hard to control and dangerous to ride. But my kid wanted it for his birthday present. So when I purchased this hoverboard for him & I saw it was easy to control.

  • Alisha Blackburn
    • star-on star-on star-on star-on star-on

I saw your website & ordered a hoverboard, & the hoverboard which i have purchased has a beautiful color combination just like a rainbow. I love this hoverboard.

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