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The Disco Swegway

Disco Pink Galaxy Swegway

Product Code : M1X Pink Galaxy

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Product Details

The Disco Pink Galaxy Swegway Hoverboard

Tell me one thing, what do you like the most about the night sky? For me, the answer is stars. I love looking at the stars and feel mesmerized whenever a shooting star crosses my path of vision. There’s something about the starry nights which excites us all. Now, imagine having a galaxy of stars under your feet! No, I am not talking about going in the space (unless you are an astronaut). But, what if your hoverboard has a galaxy printed on it that twinkles in the night? Sounds superb, doesn’t it? 
That’s what disco pink galaxy swegway would look like. Once you ride it, the bright LED lights will make you feel as if you are walking over the stars, thanks to its beautiful pink galaxy design. 
I know your curiosity about this swegway board is triggered by now, so, without wasting more time, let’s delve in to find more about this swegway!
Bright LED lights
The disco galaxy swegway has bright LED lights to ensure that you never lose your way in the dark and make all the bumps visible for you. Additionally, when these lights are turned on, the swegway board looks ethereal.
Strong wheels
The durable 6.5” wheels of galaxy swegway will let you maintain balance and help in achieving balance without hassling much. 
Safe-to-use battery
Once you invest in the disco galaxy swegway, it will prove its worth by giving you the most exciting riding experience. This swegway comes with an original lithium-ion battery which is safe and trustworthy. 
Easy to control
Don’t worry even if you are getting this swegway for your kid, riding it is child’s play. However, don’t think that this inexpensive swegway won’t let you participate in races. You can join in boarding races with your friends, and the pink galaxy swegway will let you beat them every time with its 12km/h speed.
Long-lasting battery
Once you charge its original battery for 2-3 hours, your day would pass by smoothly. You can go to school on it come back with the same round of charging, all because of the 6 hours long battery life. 
Meets EU/UK safety standards
Trusting electric equipment, particularly motors is never easy (frankly, you shouldn’t do that easily, always make sure the equipment is protected). However, the pink galaxy swegway comes with two 2x350W silent motors which are made according to the safety standards of EU/UK. Don’t frazzle about its safety as it will never get short-circuited. 
Keeping you comfortable and protected is the prime motive behind this pink galaxy swegway, and you’d always get those. 
Thrilling music side-by-side
Enjoying music during free time is something we all love to unwind our minds after a hectic day. And, what’s better than having a Bluetooth speaker in your swegway board? You can hit the streets with full speed and turn everyone’s gaze towards you with this racy swegway. 
This resilient board will bear your weight for years and make you feel enthused and fuzzy with its speed and brilliant battery life. 
What’d you get in the package?
Charger- CE Certified UK Charger
Certified Battery- CE Certified
Carry Bag
User Manual 
(Disco Swegway Hoverboard size is: 21.6" x 7.3" x 7.0")

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Tel: 02476981400

Rating & Reviews for this product

  • Kieran Ford
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The best quality pink swegway ever I found on this website more than other websites. It's much impressive. The hoverboard works excellent, and it is great fun to ride it. I recommend this to everyone.

  • Louis Doyle
    • star-on star-on star-on star-on star-off

When I bought a pink swegway for my girl, I didn't know how to connect the Bluetooth of it. I tried many times but I failed. So I called customer service because I thought it was a defective product. Then they solved my problem & help me to connect it with Bluetooth.

  • Faith Humphries
    • star-on star-on star-on star-on star-off

The pink disco galaxy swegway's quality was awesome & the service that Swegway Hut provides to their customers is too good. Big thanks!

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