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The Disco Swegway

Disco Pink Swegway

Product Code : M1X Pink

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Product Details

The Disco Pink Swegway Hoverboard

About time outdoor sports get into trend again! Swegway boards have been in the game for so long that everyone craves for a distinct one now. Wouldn’t you like an exclusive hoverboard for yourself as well? The thought of having diverse gadgets is always dear to our hearts. We all want to look different and have exclusively designed gizmos. 
If you have one such wish, swegway hut has said Amen to that by introducing this bright pink swegway hoverboard. This board not only looks stylish under your feet but also gives your personality a vibrant touch. Moreover, if your pals also want to buy swegway boards, the wide range of colours available at swegway hut will let you all enjoy this adventure in style. 
But, the beauty of this pink swegway board isn’t limited to the color only; it has some knock-socking features which you must know about. So, let’s delve in to find more about this brilliant hoverboard. 
Auto-balance wheels 
With your pink swegway board, you’d never have to struggle while maintaining your posture. These 6.5” wheels will let you drift around comfortably without consuming your energy. You can learn basic balancing and scoot out to enjoy the thrill of boarding. 
Safe equipment 
Ensuring your safety and comfort is swegway hut’s priority. This pink swegway board has an original lithium-ion battery with a fire protection outer casing so that it never gets heated up or catch flames.
Fire protection and short-circuit prevention are two of the distinct features of this hoverboard. No matter how often you ride and charge your pink swegway board, it’ll remain safe for you. 
Best for short commutes 
Taking strolls down the street for picking up some grocery items sounds boring, I know. But what if you move out on your speedy hoverboard and come back quickly? Looks fun, right? 
That’s what you’d get with the pink swegway board. It offers a maximum speed of 12km/h and doesn’t go out of power for 4-6 hours after every charge. You can do all mundane tasks on this speedy and convenient vehicle and enjoy those tedious household chores as well. 
Style and speed together 
Swegway hut never compromises on the aesthetic value and quality of their vehicles. This board comes in a beautiful pink colour which looks mesmerizing with the colour-changing LED lights. 
When you have to compete with your friends, you’ll definitely become the centre of attention with this vibrant hoverboard. 
· Ergonomic design 
This hoverboard has a stylish yet ergonomic design. You can carry it around without having strained muscles and pull it out every time you want to ride it. 
What’d you get in the package?
Charger- CE Certified UK Charger
Certified Battery- CE Certified
Carry Bag
User Manual 
(Disco Swegway Hoverboard size is: 21.6" x 7.3" x 7.0")

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Tel: 02476981400

Rating & Reviews for this product

  • Kyle Gallagher
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Last month on my cousin's birthday, I wanted to give him a suitable gift then suddenly I thought about pink swegway for her & I received it at economic prices from Swegway Hut.

  • Aidan Osborne
    • star-on star-on star-on star-on star-half

My son wants to buy a hoverboard but he told me that he wants it only in pink color. Then I checked it on many online websites but I didn't find it the pink one on any site. Interestingly when I checked it on Swegway Hut, I saw there were many more colors including pink. I ordered a pink swegway.

  • Logan Pickering
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I was looking for a hoverboard for my girl as pink is her favourite colour and swegway hut was offering the same in reasonable price so without wasting any time I ordered one and my daughter loved it very much. Thank you swegway Hut.

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