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All Boards CE Certified
The Disco Swegway

Disco Yellow Swegway

Product Code : M1X Yellow

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Product Details

The Disco Yellow Swegway Hoverboard

Yellow has always been deliberated as the colour of purity, happiness, and minimalism. Those who want to wear/use something discreet-yet-stylish always prefer yellow. It is the colour of summer and spring and radiates pleasant impact on everyone. No matter how old you are, a yellow swegway board will suit your personality and make your rides buoyant.  
Disco yellow swegway board is an elegant and classy looking board which will look amazing in your closet and accompany you on all short commutes with full buzzy feel. As a rule of thumb, introverts and shy people prefer light and dull colours and take pride in representing their simplicity through their gadgets. If you want to become the coolest-yet-simplest guy/girl of the town, get this yellow swegway board right away. 
Here’re some of the amazing facts about this disco yellow swegway:
Pleasant rides 
Gone are the days when swegway boards were termed as “those boring and slow boards which kids ride.” Today, swegway hut has drastically uplifted the features of these hoverboards and made them the go-to vehicles for everyone. Whether you loathe daily grocery shopping or throwing the trash out, your yellow swegway board will make these rides fun and convenient for you. 
No need to walk down the street to get eggs or milk in the morning, hurry out on your board and come back quickly to resume your game. 
Brilliant speed
Back in the days, hover boards used to be tedious and slow. However, swegway hut ensures that you always love your hover board. Which is why this yellow swegway board offers a speed of 12km/h, which will let you complete the adventures swiftly. 
No more boredom 
When you scoot around on this yellow hoverboard, its fantastic Bluetooth feature will boost the fun and amusement for sure. The thumping songs will make you feel like you’re flying on this hover board, and its sparkling LED lights will make it look appealing and guide you about the bumps and dips on the road underneath. 
Secure hovering 
When kids use their hoverboard, parents often have reservations that the battery and motors inside might catch fire or the kid might fall while balancing on it. Fortunately, swegway hut has eradicated both reservations already. 
This yellow swegway board is made as per the safety rules of EU/UK, which shows there are no faulty parts or loopholes in this board. Similarly, the motors and battery fused in yellow swegway board are 100% genuine and placed inside a fire protection casing. 
Moreover, the board itself is very sturdy, and its 6.5” wheels work on the principle of auto-balance. Getting on and off this hoverboard is easy and secure even for kids. So, if you are a worried parent, trust swegway hut and let your child enjoy this amazing gadget to the fullest. 
What’s in the package?
Charger- CE Certified UK Charger
Certified Battery- CE Certified
Carry Bag
User Manual 
(Disco Swegway Hoverboard size is: 21.6" x 7.3" x 7.0")

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Tel: 02476981400

Rating & Reviews for this product

  • Connor Wood
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This Swegway is a perfect gift for my eight years old daughter. She loves riding on it. We all love it!

  • Elliot Fry
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There’s nothing negative I can say about this Hoverboard. Great buy at great price! I bought this so I can ride with my two kids. This hoverboard works like magic for us.

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