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All Boards CE Certified
The Chameleon Chrome Swegway

Chameleon Gold Chrome Swegway

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The Chameleon Gold Chrome Swegway Hoverboard

The Gold Chrome Chameleon Swegway Hoverboard is a high tech, reliable and classic electric scooter, coming with 6.5-inch wheels. The Chameleon Swegway Hoverboard comes with colour changing LED lights that are sure to light up your path and make your journey that whole lot more stylish. This Chameleon Swegway Hoverboard is not only a smooth to ride but is also a lightweight board.
This Chameleon Swegway Hoverboard is an electric balance board complete with a Bluetooth System that is used as a speaker when whizzing around and 6.5-inch wheels. Not only do we guarantee you travel in style we are also totally confident in the specification of this Swegway and efficiency. All our Swegway’s are all 100% UK/EU certified that complies with all the UK/EU safety regulations and rules.
The Chameleon Swegway Hoverboard has a maximum speed of 12KM/H and weighs up to 12 KG. Charging times would be up to 2-3 hours per charge for up to 4-6 hours usage time when riding on the Swegway. The Chameleon Swegway Hoverboard comes with 2 x 350W silent drive motors and short circuit protection/overcurrent protection and of course made with Eco friendly technology.
To give you that extra reassurance, all our Segway’s have a fireproof battery casing with quad shield technology, authentic Li-Ion battery cells (4400mAh) which gives your Swegway double the power compared to other Swegway’s you will find elsewhere.
Package comes with
·         Charger- CE Certified UK Charger
·         Certified Battery- CE Certified
·         Carry Bag
·         User Manual 
(Chameleon Swegway Hoverboard size is: 21.6" x 7.3" x 7.0")

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Tel: 02476981400

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  • Bodie Cawley
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To find such a trusted business in electronic devices such as Swegway boards can be difficult I think to find, but after a phone call with a bloke from Swegway Hut and some of the rules and regs we went over, he explained and provided proof of all the boards from this business are all tested and 100% verified to be safe! If you are looking for one of these products be sure to come to Swegway Hut to avoid purchasing any fake or counterfeit versions of these products elsewhere. You need to do this for the consideration of the safety of everyone who will be getting on your board

  • Richard Wednesbury
    • star-on star-on star-on star-on star-half

I think these products make terrific presents and I cannot wait to show the kids at Christmas

  • Missypeach45
    • star-on star-on star-on star-on star-off

Brilliant service, these guys are really the pros of this industry. No issues with delivery and no issues with, the product

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