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The Hummer Swegway

Hummer Hip Hop Swegway

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The Hummer Swegway Hoverboard
The hip hop hummer Swegway hoverboard is the most awesome of devices that will run off the road just like a tank. Whether you are using it on a plan surface or a hilly area, the board will work equally outstanding for all types of ground surfaces. This hip hop hoverboard has been rightly named as the conqueror for its incredible ability to function on some of the most uneven terrains of the world.  Do you need to operate it in a hilly area? No problem at all. The device will operate brilliantly. Is there mud problem? For Swegway hoverboard, it’s completely fine. Or do you need to tear it through grass? The board is there for you!
The amazing attributes have contributed towards the immense popularity of this Swegway hoverboard. Because the device has these incredible features to offer, it has come to be recognized among the most competitive of all Swegway’s boards currently available in the market. If you enjoy taking fun ride on hoverboards but are tired of their short battery life, then you will definitely love this. The Swegway hip hop hoverboard is capable of blessing you with long hours of rides full of fun and enjoyment.
The board has many amazing features to offer. Among other good things, the hummer hip hop hoverboard gives you an effortless and untiring riding experience. No matter whether the surface is even or uneven, you can ride the board without any worries at all. For nervous and newbies, the board is definitely an experience worth enjoying.
When you have such a classy hoverboard, you will find it hard to limit yourself to indoors. True that some hoverboards happen to be too risky to be used outside, there’s no such concern with Swegway’s hoverboard. This is the board that is perfect for use in all types of indoor and outdoor activities. The hoverboard holds you itself like a magnet. Once you have understood the art of riding it, you will find it fairly challenging to get off it.
Features of Swegway Hip Hop Hoverboard
If you prefer style with features, then no board can be more perfect for you than this! The hummer hip hop Swegway hoverboard uk promises you a classy and stylish look with outstanding features. It’s beautifully designed board and offers great experience for both beginner and advanced level users.
The hummer board has a pre-installed Bluetooth system. You can use this system as a speaker when you are whizzing around. It has two 8.5-inches wheels. Aside from just being stylish, we guarantee you the hoverboard will function with the best efficiency.
The maximum speed of this swegway balance board is 14 KM/H and can weigh up to 13 KG. Once you charge it for 2-3 hours, you can use it for up to 6 hours.
100% in compliance with all UK/EU safety rules and regulations, it comes with 2 x 350W silent motors and a short circuit. The eco-friendly device comes with the following package
·         A carry bag
·         Charger which is CE certified
·         A detailed user manual and
·         A certified battery
 Hummer Hip Hop Swegway Hoverboard size is: 21.6" x 7.3" x 7.0"

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Tel: 02476981400

Rating & Reviews for this product

  • Alice Coles
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The birthday of my cousin was very near. I was worried because I was confused about what should I gift him. Then the idea of gifting swegway came into my mind. So I choose a hummer hoverboard from Swegway Hut. It took only 3 days to ship & I gave it as a birthday gift to my cousin.

  • Samantha Nelson
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This month I purchased a hummer hoverboard but the product has some internal issues with its wheels. So I called the customer care office. The customer service was very easy & helpful. They replaced the defective one with the new hoverboard & it is just awesome.

  • Alicia Godfrey
    • star-on star-on star-on star-on star-half

The product's quality was Great. My daughter just loved it. Thanks to Swegway Hut.

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