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All Boards CE Certified
The Rhino Swegway

Rhino Black Swegway

Product Code : H8-Black

The Rhino Swegway Hoverboard is a 8.5-Inch balance board with a Bluetooth sound system and front LED lighting
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Product Details

The Rhino Black Swegway Hoverboard

The Black Rhino Swegway Hoverboard is a formidable device that runs off road like a tank! This off road Swegway conquers the uneven terrains of the world such as hills, mud, grass and more as you tear through them. The Rhino electric board is one of the most competitive Segway’s on the market and will be sure to provide you with hours of fun! This Swegway is perfect effortlessly riding across both flat and uneven surfaces. 
The Rhino Swegway Hoverboard is also perfect for both indoor and outdoor use, you will never want to get off. The Rhino Swegway Hoverboard is also a very stylish model for both beginner users and advanced users.
The Rhino Swegway Hoverboard has a Bluetooth System that is used as a speaker when whizzing around and 8.5-inch wheels. Not only do we guarantee you travel in style we are also totally confident in the specification of this Swegway and efficiency. All our Swegway’s are all 100% UK/EU certified that complies with all the UK/EU safety regulations and rules.
This Swegway has a maximum speed of 14KM/H and weighs up to 13 KG. Charging times would be up to 2-3 hours per charge for up to 4-6 hours usage time when riding on the Swegway. The Glide Swegway comes with 2 x 350W silent drive motors and short circuit protection/overcurrent protection and of course made with Eco friendly technology.
Package comes with
·         Charger- CE Certified UK Charger
·         Certified Battery- CE Certified
·         Carry Bag
·         User Manual 
(Rhino Swegway size is: 21.6" x 7.3" x 7.0")

Contact Details

Tel: 02476981400

Rating & Reviews for this product

  • Hazza99
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Brilliant company with a brilliant service, the whole process was smooth and I really like my Swegway hoverboard, it really is the future of commuting in the world, I think as well the Swegway hut prices are bang on. Simply brilliant

  • Graham N Lauren
    • star-on star-on star-on star-on star-on

I am all for writing lovely reviews for good services I have received from companies over the years, and I must say the delivery service from Swegway hut and taking into consideration the nature of the product was fantastic! Absolutely phenomenal I was dead impressed, very good service guys and the children love the product too!

  • TazzleOutHere89
    • star-on star-on star-on star-on star-on

Top quality service, the response was quickly and all the items spoke about was processed and delivered on time, it is a fair charge and all, overall, I am happy

  • Brett Stannard
    • star-on star-on star-on star-on star-on

Would like to shout out the Swegway Hut team, the two lads I spoke to where a great help, both times I spoke to them. The Rhino hoverboard they hooked me up with lives up to its name and standard and I was impressed, I did not know a hoverboard so big for such a good price actually existed.

  • Ross Murray
    • star-on star-on star-on star-on star-half

I am very happy with my purchase at Swegway Hut, I ordered two boards both Rhino ones, with the black design and the black one, from that you can properly tell this is for my son and daughter but they are very happy and love the product, and from my perspective it is a safe and fun product to purchase for your children, they get the hang of how to use it quickly, quicker than me anyway. But before I made my purchase I done my research and spoke to a chap from Swegway hut who showed me certifications and assured me of the products safety and they are not lying. I would 1000% recommend to friends, family and the good people who take the time to read this review

  • Harry Gibson
    • star-on star-on star-on star-on star-on

I ordered the big off road board in black and it really does have the performance to match it, it is a slick off terrain hoverboard that does easily go through uneven grounds, muddy patches and wheel deep waters, cleaning it seems to be a pain but the actual product is excellent and makes great fun for going down the park on, I may even try it walking the dog

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